Is a Pi400 really doable?

I took a 2 week vacation from Mac OS just after upgrading. I got a Pi400 from the UK (2-day delivery?!) and fussed until I had the essential services running. A lot of things ended up being done through the browser instead of apps but that was OK. Bluetooth audio is a bit flakey but that’s OK. I got everything done that needed doing.

I will admit, I used the computer less than usual. Lack of Dark Mode turned out to be the worst part. My left eye is still cloudy, recoving well, so it lights up from the bright screen. That won’t be a problem “Real Soon Now.” But until then, it’s a major factor.

The keyboard is adequate. Much better than a lot of similarly designed keyboards. But not as good as the best of the class. Still, I have written a log with it so that’s not a complaiint.

The optical mouse turned out to be a “fan favorite”. Touchpads are good. It turns out that so are mice. Thanks Doug.

It gets retired now … for the moment. It’s mini to full sized HDMI cable will stay connected to the display … just in case I decide to come back. For $100 plus shipping, I would TOTALLY recommend it for a lot of quirky situations.

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