Shifting Writing Gears

Before the #Freewritetraveller, I used my AlphaSmart NEO2, a school-oriented electronic typewriter with a little LED screen, for drafting when the business of getting out the typewriter was too much. Or there was no comfortable way to use it. The NEO2 had a โ€œJust OKโ€ keyboard. The screen was pretty low contrast, not quite OK. Not a great experience.

But the NEO2 connected to anything and acted like a keyboard. Getting text off it was tedious (data rate is low). But it worked.

The Freewrite Traveller changes all that. The keyboard is better than my Apple Bluetooth keyboard. The screen is much higher contrast. And it is smaller. Weight is about the same.

And I’m syncing all my work over Wifi to Dropbox. No wires. All good.

The Traveller came too late to think about #nanowrimo this year. I have been noodling on a novel for at least three years and am now noodling more on the Traveler and the 1950s Smith Corona Silent Super (Elite). Not 2,000 words a day that I’d need to finish the November challenge. Not even coherent drafting. More like incoherent stage and character experiments.

I have a NEO2 for sale … cheap.

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