“Magic Portal” @Miraz sent condolences for our loss of Jordan, the Chairman Emeritus of our little software company … and a dog. He has a LinkedIn page which I need to do something about as he is more popular and highly recommended than I am. For good reasons, I suspect.

The magic portal Jordan came through was a moment of great hope, dashed by an otherwise trivial flaw. He was going to be our friend’s, the breeder’s, National Champion. He was gorgeous but had a tiny and disqualifying flaw. After six months of hoping it would resolve, she gave up and blessed us with him as a “pet”

He generally lived up to her original hopes on the prettiness and soundness front. He completely “failed” (wasn’t interested in) being a “great field hunter”. We took him to both Earth-Dog and Field Trial events and he looked at me and his eyes said, “Your Wife Will Kill You If I Get Dirty Or Too Wet … And It IS NOT MY STYLE!”

That was Jordan and the magic portal.

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